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Minutes from Presidents Meeting 2023

By Lester Ivy, 07/17/23, 6:00PM CDT


Old Business, New Business, Season dates, and other valuable info.

The 2023 Presidents meeting was called to order by President Lester Ivy, Opening prayer was offered by Scott Central president Terry Lofton. Welcome given by President Lester Ivy, roll call was completed by Senior Vice-Commissioner Johnny Dear and there were found to be 60% of current presidents in attendance, a quorum for business. 

Old Business:  

We had three teams that came into the league last year and completed their year of probation,

  • Sebastopol -  who was not in attendance was remanded to probation for the upcoming year.
  • Puckett - who also was not present, was likewise remanded to another year of probation.
  • Mendenhall  - who was accepted as a permanent member by unanimous vote. 

President Lester Ivy reminded everyone that the eligible weight limit increase voted in at last year’s meeting goes into effect this season, so the Peewee eligible weight is now 130#.

Last year’s season results were read by President Lester Ivy.

A call was issued for any more old business, there being none,

New Business:

New Business was initiated. 

  • The first item was election of the league president for the ensuing  three years. He call was given for nominations.
    • Raleigh President Otis Seaberry nominated Lester Ivy for reelection, seconded by Magee president Joe Barnes.
    • Three calls for any other nominations went unanswered and Lester Ivy was elected for another three-year term.  
  • Senior Vice Commissioner Johnny Dear initiated a great discussion on our current weigh in rules and after a  well discussed debate it was decided that we return to the written rules on weigh in location and attendance which have been in effect for several years but have gotten out of use and which are found on Page 26 of our rule book.
  • Season dates are as follows.
    • The first weigh in weekends August 19,
    • The second weigh in weekends August 26,
    • The Coaches meeting will be August 27,
    • Deadline to declare is August 28 at 5PM.
    • The first game will be September 9,
    • Book review will be September 10.
    • Our last regular season game is October 28,
    • Playoff meeting will be October 29.
    • First playoff game will be November 4th,
    • Semi—final games November 18th  
    • Championship games will be played December 2.
      • Locations and times will be announced later.
  • Our 2023 Tiebreaker numbers were drawn and will be uploaded to Website.
  • The floor was opened for any rule’s changes and after three calls none were presented. The meeting was adjourned.